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Driving Vision Assessments

VicRoads Approved Eye Testing and Assessments

A Plus Optometry is proud to provide eye tests so you keep up to date with Vic Roads Standards for driving on the road in Victoria. By providing VicRoads approved assessments right here in our practice, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your driver’s licence up to date.

VicRoads uses a form that we can complete. There is a section for A Plus Optometry, as your optometrist, to complete to ensure the eye test has been conducted and documented. There are also commercial standards that vary from private drivers, for those who fall under that category.

The eye assessment service includes a complete Binocular Visual Field Test and Esterman Visual Fields Test, using our certified Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Analyser which is preferred by VicRoads.

Why is it Important to Have Your Eyes Tested?

Regardless of your age, if you want to hold a driver’s licence you may need to have confirmation that your eye sight is good enough to meet the driving standards. Such things as reading road signs, seeing traffic signals clearly and gauging traffic ahead requires clear vision. Good vision means greater safety for all those on the road; you included.

If you have had any form of eye condition diagnosed you may be required to visit an optometrist for an assessment and to complete the report. Book in with us so you can feel confident that your eye health is up to standard for driving.

What Happens Once the Eye Testing is Complete?

Once A Plus Optometry has assessed your eyes, we will complete the VicRoads form which you can then email, fax or post to Vic Roads. If we discover that your eye sight needs improving, we can discuss your options to correct your vision. We offer a range of  optometry services that can assist you.

For further information is available here, about driving assessments and eyesight.

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