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We are located in Ringwood North, in close proximity to Mitcham, A Plus is a dedicated Ortho-K clinic and Dry Eye Clinic; being the leading optometrist in the Ringwood Norht area. Patient’s who lives in Mitcahm prefer us as an optometrist for Mitcham. A Plus optometry is one stop destination for optical health services such as Comprehensive Eye Examinations, Children’s Eye Examination, Therapeutic Management, Glaucoma Screening, Diabetic Eye Exam and Driving Vision Assessments. Additionally, A Plus optometry offers a range of spectacles and contact lenses with specialised prescription, fitting and advice.

Choose the premium quality eye wear at our optometry as we offer a range of high quality spectacle frames and lenses as well as contact lenses. Our selection is carefully curated to suit an array of needs, budgets and personal preferences.

Contact Lenses

Advancements in technology never stops. With that contact lenses are now more safer, more comfortable and even more affordable. If you wish to avoid wearing spectacles, visit A Plus and choose a wide range of premium contact lenses which offers you comfort and clear vision.

At A Plus Optometry we stock only recommended and top-quality contact lenses designed to meet all different needs. If you wish to choose to wear contact lenses for a special occasion or sporting needs, our professional friendly team will assist you in choosing the lenses which suits you the best.

Comprehensive eye examinations for children

Apart from serving all the optical health needs, our we also serve as an optometrist, dry eye treatment, orthokeratology (ortho-k) for Mitcham Dr. Jeff Lee from A Plus believes that comprehensive eye examinations are incredibly important for children. As per a recent study, one in five children under twelve in Australia suffer from common eye conditions such as short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism, which can lead to learning difficulties.

Diagnosis and treatment for children suffering from lazy eye (amblyopia) can be done with our eye examinations. Dr. Jeff Lee recommends your child’s eyes tested before the age of four, and then every year after. Such eye examinations will ensure that your child is not developing any vision related abnormalities.  So if you have any concerns regarding to your child’s eye sight. Please do not hesitate to book an appointment to see us. Especially, if you live in Mitcham.

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