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Dr Jeff Lee, owner and principal optometrist at A Plus, graduated from the University of Auckland offers exceptional eye care services and dedicated care to patients for more than six years. Dr. Jeff has expertise in orthokeratology, myopia control and dry eye treatment and management.

Dr. Jeff believes that comprehensive eye examinations are incredibly important. Hence, if you are looking for vision correction or general eye check-up in Doncaster, a visit to A Plus is recommended. Even health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol can be detected through a comprehensive eye examination. With our state of the art latest technology and equipment’s we not only tell you the health of your eyes, but also consult on improving the vision.

A comprehensive eye examination will include your overall body and eye health history, check your vision, assess your vision requirements and your eye muscle coordination. We’ll also conduct OCT and digital retinal photography to screen for any retinal diseases, such as macular degeneration and cataracts, and will also screen for various eye diseases. Should we detect any complex eye disorders, we’ll provide a referral to the appropriate specialist.

Dr. Jeff recommends a comprehensive eye examination once every two years, even if you are not experiencing any problems or issues with your eyes. He puts great emphasis on his patients’ wellbeing and takes pride in delivering the best possible eye care to each of them.

Another major issue people are facing these days is of dry eyes. Dry Eye is common. It occurs with working for long hours on computers, wearing of contact lenses, side-effects of some common medications, getting older etc.

The issue of dry eyes impacts your vision very significantly as the light rays entering the eye bend on the surface of the tear layer instead of the cornea and the vision is not crisp and clear.

There are many symptoms associated with dry eye, the most common being:

  • Grittiness or Sandy Feeling in the eyes
  • Burning or Stinging sensation
  • Itchy eyes
  • Foreign body sensation
  • A feeling of Dryness or distorted vision
  • Light sensitivity

Patients with gritty, scratchy and red eyes should visit A plus optometry for all treatment for dry eyes in Doncaster. Below is a list of our common treatment options, however there are other methods we can discuss during your consultation.

  • Warm compresses
  • Blephasteam®
  • IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
  • Meibomian Gland Expression
  • Lid Hygiene Therapy
  • BlephEx™
  • Artificial Tears
  • Medicated Eye Drops
  • Systemic medications

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