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We believe in a preventative approach to eye health. As a trusted optometry team with 20 years of combined experience, we offer premium eye care services, including eye examinations, driving vision assessments, dry eye treatments, and myopia control.

Since opening in 2017 in Ringwood North, A Plus Optometry is known for providing exceptional eye care solutions for clients of all ages.

Visit us online to book an appointment, or call us at 388 130 505. After all, we care about your eye health and have a reputation for attracting eye patients all across Melbourne.

Comprehensive Eye Tests in Warrandyte

At A Plus Optometry, we know how important your vision is to you. From the initial consultation to thorough examinations and informative discussions, our eye tests are comprehensive and designed to protect all aspects of your eye health.

At our clinic, we check for a range of conditions, including myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness), and presbyopia (lost ability to focus on nearby objects).

You can also visit the clinic for children’s eye tests as part of our routine infant care. All tests are performed in adherence to current industry guidelines and regulations.

Our Services

At A Plus Optometry, we can prescribe and supply orthokeratology lenses, which correct your vision while you sleep so that you can see clearly without glasses or contacts.

Meet Our Optometrist
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Dr Jeff Lee
Director / Principal Optometrist


B. Optom. (University of Auckland), Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber, Orthokeratologist

Dr Jeff Lee is the founder and owner of A Plus Optometry. Having graduated from the University of Auckland (New Zealand), Jeff has been offering exceptional and dedicated eye care to patients for more than nine years. He puts great emphasis on his patients’ wellbeing and takes pride in delivering the best possible eye care to each and everyone of them.

Meet Our Team

The A+ Optometry team is highly experienced and skilled when it comes to ocular care. We’re also friendly and genuinely passionate about providing the best possible service to help each of our patients maintain the highest quality vision and eye health at all stages of their life.

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A Plus Optometry Practice A Melbourne Optometrist for your Whole Family

A Plus Optometry is an optometry practice located in Ringwood North, Victoria. Since opening in 2017 we have built a reputation that sees us attract eye patients from all over Melbourne.

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    A Trusted Dry Eye Clinic near Warrandyte

    If you need to visit a dry eye clinic near Warrandyte, we use the latest diagnostic tools and provide personalised care to help alleviate symptoms.

    Dry eye syndrome is commonly caused by inadequate tear production or quick evaporation of tears, leading to discomfort and vision complications.

    We talk you through your history, check your vision, and assess your vision requirements. If you’re looking for immediate relief and long-term solutions, our optometrists are kind and understanding.

    If you are experiencing symptoms such as a stinging or burning sensation in your eyes, eye redness, or sensitivity to light, we can give you the care you need.

    Myopia Control Experts near Warrandyte

    Myopia–or short-sightedness–is a condition that can lead to serious eye health issues if left untreated.

    At A Plus Optometry, we offer a comprehensive and caring approach to myopia control, from accurate diagnosis to personalised treatment plans. Our team utilises the most effective methods and technologies to slow down the progression of myopia and prevent further complications.

    Myopia is common in children and adults, and early intervention is crucial for effective control. Residents of Warrandyte, Ringwood and Mitcham can trust us for successful myopia control solutions.

    Why Choose A Plus Optometry For Your Eye Care in Warrandyte?

    Choosing the right eye care provider can be challenging. With A Plus Optometry, you’re opting for an experienced, qualified team dedicated to providing the best service for your eyes.

    • High-tech Diagnostic Tools: We have invested in modern technology and equipment to facilitate accurate, timely eye assessments.
    • Client-Centric Approach: We understand that each individual’s needs are unique, so we offer personalised care suited to your needs.
    • Qualified and Experienced Team: Our team, led by Dr Jeff Lee, brings a wide array of knowledge and experience in optometry. We pride ourselves on our passionate, friendly staff dedicated to maintaining your vision and eye health.
    • Comprehensive Services: From routine eye tests to myopia control and dry eye treatments, we offer a wide range of services under one roof for your convenience.
    • Commitment to Eye Health: We firmly believe in preventative eye care, reflected in our ethos and our services.

    Quality Eye Care – Book an Appointment Today

    Don’t compromise on your eye health. Visit A Plus Optometry’s clinic near Warrandyte for expert, personalised care.

    Whether you require an eye test, are suffering from dry eye, or are looking for myopia control solutions, we support you with the latest eye care technology. Book an appointment online or call us on 388 130 505 to get started.

    Whether you reside in Ringwood, Blackburn, Croydon, or surrounding areas, we provide comprehensive eye care solutions tailored to your needs. After all, your vision is our vision.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Optometrists in Warrandyte

    Where can I find a reputable Optometrist in Warrandyte?

    You can find reputable eye care services in Warrandyte, including eye tests, dry eye treatment, and myopia control, at A Plus Optometry, conveniently located in Ringwood North.

    What services does the Optometrist in Warrandyte offer for my vision?

    The services provided by A Plus Optometry in Warrandyte include comprehensive eye tests, dry eye treatments, and myopia control. We also provide diagnosis and treatment plans for short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and presbyopia.

    Where can I get a thorough eye test in Warrandyte?

    You can get a thorough eye test in Warrandyte at A Plus Optometry. Our comprehensive eye tests include an initial consultation, thorough examination, and an informative discussion about your eye health.

    Is there a dry eye clinic in Warrandyte?

    A Plus Optometry operates a dry eye clinic in Warrandyte. We utilise advanced diagnostic tools and personalised care to provide immediate relief and long-term solutions to this chronic condition.

    What options are available for myopia control in Warrandyte?

    At A Plus Optometry in Warrandyte, we offer a comprehensive approach to myopia control. This includes the use of advanced methods and technologies like eye drops, orthokeratology contact lenses, and low-dose atropine eye drops to slow down the progression of myopia and prevent further complications.

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