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Optometrist Doncaster East

Looking for a new optometrist in Doncaster East? At A Plus Optometry, we believe in a preventative approach for your eye health.

As a trusted optometry clinic with a strong reputation for dedicated and professional eye care services, our team delivers solutions to help maintain and improve your vision and eye health.

Whether you need to arrange an eye test, renew a prescription or consult with an eye care expert, our friendly team brings you the best possible care.

Comprehensive Eye Tests in Doncaster East

Your vision is incredibly important. Regular eye tests are the key to managing your eyesight and detecting issues earlier than later.

At A Plus Optometry, we recommend adults have eye tests every two years or more frequently if they’ve observed vision changes.

For children, eye tests are even more crucial. We advise annual eye tests from age four. Early detection of vision problems can significantly assist in your child’s growth and development.

With our cutting-edge diagnostic tools, we provide comprehensive and caring eye assessments, ensuring you and your family receive the best care possible. Book your eye test in Doncaster East today.

Our Services

At A Plus Optometry, we can prescribe and supply orthokeratology lenses, which correct your vision while you sleep so that you can see clearly without glasses or contacts.

Meet Our Optometrist
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Dr Jeff Lee
Director / Principal Optometrist


B. Optom. (University of Auckland), Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber, Orthokeratologist

Dr Jeff Lee is the founder and owner of A Plus Optometry. Having graduated from the University of Auckland (New Zealand), Jeff has been offering exceptional and dedicated eye care to patients for more than nine years. He puts great emphasis on his patients’ wellbeing and takes pride in delivering the best possible eye care to each and everyone of them.

Meet Our Team

The A+ Optometry team is highly experienced and skilled when it comes to ocular care. We’re also friendly and genuinely passionate about providing the best possible service to help each of our patients maintain the highest quality vision and eye health at all stages of their life.

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A Plus Optometry Practice A Melbourne Optometrist for your Whole Family

A Plus Optometry is an optometry practice located in Ringwood North, Victoria. Since opening in 2017 we have built a reputation that sees us attract eye patients from all over Melbourne.

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    Get Effective Dry Eye Treatment in Doncaster East

    Struggling with dry, itchy, or red eyes? These can be symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome, which shouldn’t be ignored. In Doncaster East, A Plus Optometry provides evidence-based dry eye treatments that aim for long-term relief and treatments.

    After carefully assessing your symptoms, our experienced optometrists will suggest a treatment plan. From recommending eye drops to suggesting lifestyle changes, we are committed to helping you regain the comfort of clear, symptom-free eyes.

    Effective Myopia Control in Doncaster East

    Also known as short-sightedness, Myopia is a condition that affects many people, including young children. At A Plus Optometry, we’re determined to change the odds through targeted and effective myopia control methods.

    We understand that progressive Myopia risks your vision in the long term, so we focus on slowing down the condition’s progression.

    From prescribing orthokeratology lenses to suggesting eye exercises, we aim to offer suitable solutions for each client. Book your appointment, and let us discuss a personalised myopia control plan in Doncaster East.

    Why Choose A Plus Optometry For Your Eye Care in Doncaster East?

    With A Plus Optometry, you’re opting for an experienced, qualified team dedicated to providing the best service for your eyes. But why do we stand out compared to other optometrists?

    • High-tech Diagnostic Tools: We have invested in modern technology and equipment for accurate eye assessments.
    • Client-Centric Approach: We understand that each individual’s needs are unique, so we offer personalised care suited to your needs.
    • Qualified and Experienced Team: Our team, led by Dr Jeff Lee, brings a wide array of knowledge and experience in optometry. We pride ourselves on our friendly staff dedicated to maintaining your eye health.
    • Comprehensive Services: From routine eye tests to myopia control and dry eye treatments, we offer a wide range of services.
    • Commitment to Eye Health: We firmly believe in preventative eye care and eye products.

    Visit Us Today in Doncaster East

    Take the first step in caring for your eyes by visiting our practice near Doncaster East. After all, we believe in a preventative approach for your eyesight.

    Visit us online to book an appointment, or call us at 388 130 505. After all, we care about your eye health and have a reputation for attracting eye patients all across Melbourne.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Optometrist in Doncaster East

    How can I find a reliable optometrist in Doncaster East for my vision concerns?

    Look no further than A Plus Optometry for an exceptional optometrist in Doncaster East. Our team of professionals offer comprehensive eye care services, including regular eye tests, dry eye treatments, and effective myopia control.

    How often should I get an eye test in Doncaster East?

    At A Plus Optometry, we recommend adults have an eye test every two years and more frequently if you notice changes in vision. For children, we advise annual eye tests from age four to ensure their vision development is on track.

    Can A Plus Optometry provide dry eye treatment in Doncaster East?

    Yes, we provide evidence-based dry eye treatments to patients in Doncaster East. Through a careful assessment of your symptoms, our experienced optometrists will suggest a successful treatment plan customised to your needs, aiming for long-term relief from dry eye syndrome.

    What does A Plus Optometry offer for myopia control in Doncaster East?

    A Plus Optometry offers effective myopia control approaches to slow down the progression of myopia, thereby reducing the associated risks. This includes prescribing orthokeratology lenses, suggesting eye exercises, and creating a personalised myopia control plan for your needs.

    Why should I choose A Plus Optometry as my eye care provider in Doncaster East?

    Choosing A Plus Optometry means selecting a team with a client-centric approach, modern diagnostic tools, qualified practitioners, comprehensive services, and an unwavering commitment to eye health. Located near Doncaster East, we are dedicated to providing the best eye care for you and your family.

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